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Main Products

Yuandong takes pride in its high quality of bandage products. Our expertise and broad range of Bandages position us as the leading source for bandage products. Healthcare professionals depend on our bandages to treat a variety of orthopedic, venous and lymphatic conditions because of their ability to deliver accurate stretch, compression, comfort and support for optimal healing. From our basic bandage products including conforming bandage and crepe bandage , to our more highly specialized products such as latex free Elastic bandage and Deluxe elastic bandage with velcro both ends, YUANDONG bandages are cost-efficient and provide superior performance.
First Aid Kit
Our broad line of All Purpose First Aid Kits has been designed to meet your every first aid need. We've got a kit in every size from a mini kit for your purse or briefcase to an extra large kit that can be mounted to your wall. You can even choose between a hard sided case or a durable soft pack. Different people, different needs, different kits.
Gauze Dressing
Our Traditional Wound Management products include gauze swabs, W.O.W. bandages, gauze bandage, gauze ball, Vaseline gauze swabs and other disposable medical & products. Gauze bandage with woven edge is my competitive products. It is have non-raveling edge which is easy to use.
Specialty Dressings
Fluid is managed effectively with our reliable Specialty Dressings products. These products often reduce the frequency of dressing changes, patient care time, and subsequently, healthcare costs. YUANDONG products such Emergency Pressure dressings, Non-Adherent Pads and eye pad dressings are designed to create and maintain a moist wound environment to promote the healing process and growth of healthy tissue.
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