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First Aid Kit
Product Details
The specification of the first aid kit, which is including the following parts:
1)20pcs*Washproof plasters;
2)4pcs*Alcohol pad;
3)4pcs*Gauze pad;
4)4pcs*PBT conforming bandage;
7)2pcs*Non-adherent dressings;
8)10pcs*Safe pin;
9)6pcs*Antiseptic cleansing wipe;
10)1pc* Safety glove;
11)1pc* High elastic bandage
12)1pc*wound dressing bandage;
13)1pc*Non-woven tape;
14)1pc*Emergency blanket;
15)4pcs*Fingertip washproof plasters;
16)1pc*Non-woven triangle bandage;