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Assorted bandage
Product Details
4.5 Assorted bandage
Multi-layer compression bandaging system for superior quality and accuracy.
  • Layer One Padding Bandage is a cotton padding layer with thin foam backing that is easy to mold around the foot and ankle to protect bony prominences
  • Layer Two Compression Bandage offers light compression, conforms easily to body contours and provides an easy-to-read stretch indicator
  • Layer Three Cohesive Bandage adheres to itself and secures layers One and Two without tape
Rectangular pattern on Layer Two clearly converts to a square when the bandage is stretched to 50%.
  • Three bandages work together to provide effective, sustained compression for up to seven days when applied as directed
  • Stretching accuracy is maximized by the rectangular pattern on Layer Two that clearly converts to a square when the correct amount of stretch (50%) is applied
  • Produces sub-bandage pressure at the ankle in the 30-40 mmHg range when the system is wrapped as indicated
If the ankle circumference is less than 18cm (7 1/8”) before applying ThreePress, pad the ankle and Achilles tendon prior to application of compression Layers Two and Three.
The rectangular pattern on Layer Two clearly converts to a square when the bandage is stretched to 50%.
  • For use in effectively managing venous leg ulcers and related conditions
  • An appropriate primary dressing should be applied before using the bandaging system with open wounds
  • Apply as directed in product insert
Do not use the ThreePress Bandaging System if the patient's Ankle Brachial Pressure (ABPI) is less than 0.8, or if arterial disease is suspected.
Layer One Padding Bandage
Spiral technique wraps from the base of the toes to just below the knee overlapping each turn by 50%
Layer Two Compression Bandage
Figure 8 technique uses rectangle-to-square indicator pattern to determine when the bandage is stretched to 50%
Layer Three Cohesive Bandage
Spiral technique stretches to 50% when overlapping - heel should be covered by all three layers  
Order No.
Kits Per Case
Assorted bandage
contains 3 bandages
and 3 tape strips
Padding Bandage
4"x4.3 yds. unstretched
Compression Bandage
4" x 9.6 yds. stretched
Cohesive Bandage
4" x 6.5 yds. stretched